Sunday, November 6, 2011

Victor Huggins--Inspired by the Virginia Landscape

"Distant Hay Bales Ellett Valley"

Acrylic Painting
36"H x 48"W

This painting was a rare departure from his well known style of stained and lamimated raised relief canvas shapes.  This work exhibits a more traditional approach but maintains the clean crisp atmosphere that is present in his more typical style.

Professor at Virginia Tech for 25 Years
Bachelors and Masters Degrees from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
His Paintings are in more than 400 Collections including the Smithsonian Institute
He always inspired his students and fellow artist to think creatively and he made great strides in expanding the art curriculum at Virginia Tech.
His influence was felt in the art community far beyond Southwest Virginia.

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  1. Nice blog. The paint surface and brushstroke elements also often differ as the larger works involve layering and "building-in" color in a manner that is somewhat different than in the more spontaneous plein air work." Thank You!

    Landscaping Virginia