Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ida Kohlmeyer -- Original Silk-Screen Print

"Romantic Triple Decker"
edition # 18/75
size:  24"H x 28"W
image size:  19 1/4"H  x 23 1/4"W

This work exhibits shapes which are not bound by the rigid format of most printing techniques.  Textures,  brushwork and transparent glazing are layered to create a fluid style which is more characteristic of painting.  Ida Kohlmeyer was a forunner in this experimental approach to silk-screen printmaking.   The silk-screen is a medium which was developed largely in the 20th Century and came to the forefront in the pop culture of the 60's and 70's.  In her early prints one sees the combination of early stenciling techniques,  with loose and painterly brush work, transparent glazing  and the technological advancements of light sensitive photographic emulsion that incorporate photography into the medium.

Ida Kohlmeyer

MFA From Tulane’s Newcomb College
Associate Professor of Art at University of New Orleans

Well known for her drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture
Studied under Hans Hoffman
lose friend of Mark Rothko
Strongly influenced by the Abstract Expressionism 
Her style is noted for the strong fluid lines and biomorphic shapes

insurance appraisal from Arthur Rodger Gallery 1993
serigraph 1973 valued at $800.00