Monday, November 7, 2011

Peyton Klein--Painting Feelings

Summer Party
36"H x 48"W
Acrylic Painting

Peyton Klein lived and breathed art.  It was vital to her life.  Her smooth and sultry Mississippi roots were evident in her spontaneous and exuberent coloristic style.  She began her study of art in the 50's under the tutelage of Jim Yeatts.  Once she started painting there was no stopping her.  Her work was always fresh and  free with a love for life.  Each painting served as a rebirthing process for her.  She gave freely of herself and her ideas and was a pillar of the art community in Roanoke.  In the critique or workshop process she was always willing to encourage her students and fellow artists with thoughtful constructive criticism.  She served as the art critic for the Roanoke Times for many years, she taught at Virginia Western Community College and the Roanoke Fine  Arts Center, and she was one of the co-founders of the Studio School.   She passed on in May of 2005.

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