Monday, April 25, 2011

Howard Finster Silkscreen Prints

Howard Finster was a well known Folk and Outsider Artist from North Georgia.  He began his visions at the age of three.  He is famous for his album covers,  portraits of celebrities, representations of pop icons and his silkscreen prints.  Paradise Garden, which is located at his home and shop in Summerville Georgia, is a popular tourist attraction.  He was dedicated to putting his message out there. 
His last prayer for Mankind:
"Call upon the name of Jesus, even in your last breath, pray the Lord's Prayer, pray without ceasing, love one another, forgive your brother, win his love, Jesus is coming in great power and glory, be ready to go."
We have many good examples of the Finster Silkscreen prints in our collection.  All the prints that we have are also included in the Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art.
We have 2 sets of the 5 prints: Howard in 1950, Henry Ford, Mona Lisa, Center of the Earth and Animal World #36/90, and #43/90.

We have several broken sets which include: 
3 of Henry Ford;  #44/90, #39/90, #42/90  $300.00 each
3 of Mona Lisa; #45/90, #44/90, #41/90  $300.00 each
2 of Center of the Earth; #42/90, #39/90 $300.00 each
1 of Animal World;  #38/90  $500.00 each

Prints in the broken sets may be purchased individually.

Howard in 1950
paper size: 17"H x 22"W
available only in the set of 5 #43/90 framed $2400.00
set of 5 #36/90 unframed $1800.00

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